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Longing for a restful sleep?

Are you longing for a restful and deep sleep without waking up many time in the night? Below are my favourite essential oils for a good night sleep. It is best to switch off your phone and computer when going into the bedroom. I love to chill with a good book or write in my journal and meditate before going to sleep. Try out what works best for you.

When applying essential oils it might be helpful when you make it your ritual to apply them for 30 days every night. You can choose one or two or more of the below oils. When applying the oils take a few deep breaths calming your entire nervous system and imagining all the thoughts and whatever happened during the day leaving you. Let it all go!

Lavender... the classical calming oil. Put one or two drops on your pillow or on your wrist and take a few deep breaths in

Peace & Calming, put two drops on the sole of your feet

Valor...grounding and balancing, especially useful if you tend to worry a lot and have lots of thoughts running through your mind. Apply on sole of feet and shoulders or ear rim.

Rutavala, a blend of Ruta, Valerien and Lavender. Valerian has been traditionally used for its calming effect in Europe for many years. Apply one or two drops on your wrist.

Tranquil roll-on, an amazing calming blend of Lavender, cedarwood and roman chamomile. Apply on wrist or neck

Sandalwood, my number one choice if nothing else works. Apply one drop on brain stem, crown and third eye

Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense, another top favourite, calming and uplifting at the same time. Put one or two drops on your crown.

Lastly, many people sleep very well after the Raindrop Therapy!

Dont give up when the first few oils you are trying do not work immediately some things take time. You can also choose to try different oils until you find your perfect fit. And your perfect fit may change over time. Once your body is more balanced it may not need that specific oil anymore, but perhaps it may need something else.

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