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Hi! I'm Claudia


I'm the Founder of Essential Healing,

Author & Young Living Platinum Leader 

My love for essential oils began in 2007 when I was introduced to Young Living. These small bottles have enriched my life in so many ways, emotionally, physically and financially. I couldn't imagine my life without them anymore. 

I have always been interested in alternative healing, coming from a family where my mother would give us herbs and teas when we were sick as children. Medication would only be used as a last resort.


I was working in a stressful job when a friend introduced me to the Raindrop Technique, which was an amazing experience. I felt so blissful and relaxed after the treatment and ordered the oils straight away. 

While using the oils I experienced many positive changes, more energy, less falling sick and feeling more balanced were some of them. ​Although a Young Living business was initially not on my mind I started sharing about the oils with others because of the positive affect they had on me. Eventually I choose to quit my corporate job to do Young Living full time. Besides loving what I do I've also gained a community of essential oils lovers and have been able to travel the world thanks to Young Living. 

If you are interested in wellness and love essential oils, join me on my journey! I love to hear from you! 

Explore Essential Oils With Me

Classes and Workshops

Experience the healing power of essential oils. Try our amazing oils in one of our workshops or in a one to one session. 


Discover the 5000 year old secret to great health and beauty. Experience how these small miracles in a bottle can bring you too:

  • Inner peace, happiness and joy 

  • More physical and mental energy

  • Overall wellness & Longevity

  • Enhance your beauty and vitality 

Raindrop Therapy Massage -
a sensory healing experience! 

Imagining lying down on a massage table, feeling embraced by beautiful fragrances and a loving touch drifting off into pure bliss! 


The Raindrop therapy starts with a relaxing essential oil massage on the feet to balance your entire being. It is followed by light strokes and light touch on the spine and specific massage techniques to melt away any tension and blockages in your muscles, energy flow and whole being!

Ready to dive in? 
Buy your first essential oil kit

The Young Living Premium Experience bundle contains the following essential oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Valor blend, Thieves, Deep Relief, Digize, RC and Purification, a 20ml V6 Plant oil, sample bottles and a Diffuser of your choice.

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